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ExperienceTravel offers discerning customers unique and exclusive journeys beyond belief to the most special destinations in the world. Every tour is tailor made for the individual traveller and is always a co-creation of the customer with the travel specialist of ExperienceTravel. Focus is on the higher end of the market. The main goal is to create unforgettable experiences and memories for a lifetime. One of the services offered by the travel specialists is to visit the customer in the comfort of their own house to discuss their travel plans.

Earth by ExperienceTravel

With ExperienceEarth we support our clients to make travel choices that contribute to a better world. The key to responsible travel is planning a trip that has a positive impact. When developing ExperienceEarth journeys we favor accommodations with personal attention and involvement of the local population/communities and select experiences which contribute to intercultural connections, conservation of natural areas en preservation of cultural heritage. Whenever possible, we will use the most sustainable means of transportation such as trains or electric vehicles. The clients journey is essentially going to be of more value as someone else benefits as well, be it either a ranger, a chambermaid, an endangered species or even an entire nature reserve. To highlight which activities and accommodations are sustainable we use footprint symbols (positive, neutral and negative) that indicate the impact of the clients choice. By creating awareness and educate our customers we believe it will lead to choices that add to a better world. Next to this part of the travel sum goes to the ExperienceEarth Foundation which supports sustainable organisations.

Culture by ExperienceTravel

Culture by ExperienceTravel offers exclusive, cultural travel experiences beyond imagination. The high-quality tailor-made tours are designed for individuals and selected groups with like-minded cultural aspirations. The unique experiences, sublime accommodations and matching gastronomy are of first class quality. Customers can have their event personalized based on their preferences or join a cultural private trip organised by ExperienceCulture. Academische Reizen and Voyage&Culture are also part of Culture by ExperienceTravel.

Holidays by ExperienceTravel

Holidays by ExperienceTravel emphasizes the extension from tailormade journeys from citytrips to beach holidays. These mini breaks are usually a second or third trip next to the main journey of the upper class society. Although these short breaks are often easliy booked through the internet, ExperienceHolidays offers extended service by creating a one-stop-shop with peace of mind that everything is being taken care of. As an added value ExperienceHolidays presents a careful chosen selection of exclusive accommodations at the best possible locations and unique activities to take the clients mini break to a higher level.

Van Helden Travel

Luxury travel around the world has been Van Helden Travel's specialty for more than 45 years. We know all the special travel destinations and ensure that you can enjoy an undisturbed time near or far. Chic and stylish, with your partner, family, in small or large groups. We put together a perfectly organized tailor-made trip for you. That is why you will not find prices on our website. But customization is not more expensive. Why opt for a standard offer, when you can have a wonderfully customized luxury holiday put together for the same budget?


Travelworld is a dynamic company offering attractively priced package deals. We feature packages with a middle range product targeting the internet savvy travellers who still seek the confirmation of a reliable company for a quality journey by car or by mobile home. Despite being an internet based company, Travelworld is a people driven organisation with travel experts that traveled the world. Furthermore, Travelworld is known for its flexibility and opportunities to continuously follow market developments and demands.

Senior Vakantie Plan

The elderly aged over approx. 75 years can join the group tours of Senior Vakantie Plan. These trips have a low intensity and are operated within Europe or the Netherlands. These travellers require the assistance of a guide with a medical background and enjoy the company of fellow-elders. The itineraries and hotels are adapted to the needs of these older passengers.
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